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KYUR8 is one part app, one part webzine.

KYUR8 app - tell stories with pictures instead of words

KYUR8_Webzine is the direct result of the technologies prevalent today. It has a natural ability to engage an audience who occupies a space that is essentially collaborative. [ World Wide Web ]

KYUR8_Webzine joins the growing breed of online curators. It sees the internet as a constant spark, and space for self-actualization: I publish, socialize, network, create, comment, learn, share — therefore I am.

KYUR8 _Webzine feeds the visually inspired who remix, rebrand, reintroduce, rebirth and cross-pollinate everything and anything through appropriation/interpretation/ideation.

KYUR8_Webzine aims to be one of the vanguards of culture, new media, fashion, art and photography - tapping into the very things that engage, turning every day reality into inspiration.

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KYUR8 (theworldwideweb)