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Kim Hopkins - Director/Co-producer/Editor.
Kim Hopkins is from Yorkshire, England. Born to an American father and an English mother, Kim has spent most of her life in the UK.

A graduate of the National Film School, Kim has been making award-winning documentaries for nearly 15 years. Kim has directing/shooting credits for - BBC, Channel 4, Discovery, National Geographic, Al Jazeera, amongst others. Kim’s films range from social issues - violence against women around the world, modern slavery, healthcare in the developing world to music documentaries: Man In The Sand featuring Woody Guthrie, Natalie Merchant, Wilco, Billy Bragg, Corey Harris etc.

Kim has also made several films about Native Americans: Wanted, Scenic, This Land is My Land etc. Kim also teaches documentary film production, having been instrumental in setting up the documentary department at Escuela Internacional de Cine y Television de San Antonio, Cuba.

Kim works as a freelance documentary filmmaker.

Film Producion Credits Include:
•The spirit Journey (7 mins) – producer/director (C4) TX 1993
•This Land is My Land (26 mins) – director (C4) TX 1993
•My Little Piranha Fish (26 mins) – producer/director (Short Stories C4) 1997
•Man In The Sand (90 mins) – director (BBC 2) 1999
•Wanted (100 mins) – director (WDR/A&E) 2002
•Alex Zanardi (Profile) (28 mins) - director (BBC2/4) 2004
•The Great Health Scandal (30 mins) – producer/director (BBC World/Al Jazeera) 2005
•The Garage ( 7 x 60 series l) - producer/director (Discovery) 2006
•The Garage (l12 x 60 series ll) producer/director (Discovery) 2006/7)
•Nurses On The Frontline (5 x 30 series) producer/director (BBC World) 2007
•Modern Slavery (3x60 series) director/camera (NRK1) 2009
•Hotel Folly/Folie a Deux (84 mins) – producer/director (broadcaster BBC STORYVILLE) 2013

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