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I am 34 yrs old. The sun of cheif Johnny hampton and Irsh grrl Rebecca ann..My father had 2 boys and a girl and my mother one each, both had failed marriges and came together as one big brady buch. My mom had abortions before me and I as sperm traveled thru a condom and diaphragm at least according to her. I have an 1/8th quntum of cherrokee blood that I recently tapped and found myself out in the widerness of my youth. I recently noticed my generation blossoming in front of me and want to very much jump on the band wagon of either Alt-J or Father john....I want to go to france and stay at My Dark side of the room studios that I thought was my idea but seemed to have been done already.....I'm a product of "manifest destiny" Im a mud blood. and my dna has been fighting over my consciousnesses my entire life...I punished my ma and bought a guitar and she helped me and her other two to buld a wall and is helping maintaine then to this day im the only child of my parents together and seem to be rthe chosen son for my dad..hes been trying for one of his sheep to blossom and now i got so much to say cause i tore my wall is a babysitter for my parents as a child i soaked up the likes of he man,gi joe, smurfs, beast master, dragonslayer, conan, and am still in love with lucas/spielberg generation things......I need some one to dig in my brains for all this useless info so the rest of the sheep came go the right path. I feel like a shaman......or hell i dont care...ill just stay in the wilderness in the mushmarsh i found and be lost in the ether of this life.....White man i am and red man too, the country is getting smaller they are still taking it from us all this time later...I have to tell it like it is so like me so i can grow... i have much to share.

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