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The biography of St.Tesla is constantly changing like her pseudonym.
The personal history is rewritten in different ways and different forms disclosed mostly in the network.
This begins with her own use of the internet in a premature vision of a dystopian future of privacy.
Even her interests and forms of expression changing. They seem to find a form which, however, can be adapted only for a limited period of time as a kind of amplification of a manifest inability of a physiological, mental and psychic evolutive adaptation to modernity intended as a synonym for acceleration.
Her current interests are focused about merging science (mostly biology and neuroscience), art and systems of thought, on dystopian narrative, and aesthetics of the internet in attempt to penetrate different existing ecosystems.
In her career she had several honors and awards, and she took part in collective and personal exhibitions around the world. Under this biographical key, it’s mentioned the Adobe CG critics' prize and finalist at VimeoAwards2012.
For other biographical details, it’s necessary to resort to techniques of research on internet, where you can compose other pieces and points of view.

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