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Marquette, Michigan

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Shawn Stockman-Malone- seeker of light

winner, 2013 Smithsonian In Motion video contest Viewer's Choice award - All video available in UHD 4k

for time lapse video projects, licensing, inquiries, email mqtphoto at aol dot com (906)228-3686

or contact me through these channels:


  1. Dave Fothergill vfx
  2. Ed David
  3. Fourth Dimension
  4. Stian Rekdal
  5. Jordan McGarry
  6. Filippo Rivetti
  7. David Hykes/Harmonic Presence
  8. Jeff Frost
  9. roy two thousand
  10. Aviation: The Invisible Highway
  11. Alexander Chen
  12. Rob Whitworth
  13. Anthony Powell
  14. Rhino Media Productions
  15. Morgan Maassen
  17. Jason Neilus
  18. xRez Studio

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