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Shawn Stockman-Malone- seeker of light

winner, 2013 Smithsonian In Motion video contest Viewer's Choice award - All video available in UHD 4k

for time lapse video projects, licensing, inquiries, email mqtphoto at aol dot com (906)228-3686

or contact me through these channels:


  1. Bart van der Gaag
  2. Olafur Haraldsson
  3. GoPro
  4. Dave Fothergill vfx
  5. Ed David
  6. Fourth Dimension
  7. Stian Rekdal
  8. Jordan McGarry
  9. Filippo Rivetti
  10. David Hykes/Harmonic Presence
  11. Jeff Frost
  12. roy two thousand
  13. Aviation: The Invisible Highway
  14. Alexander Chen
  15. Rob Whitworth
  16. Anthony Powell
  17. Rhino Media Productions
  18. Morgan Maassen

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