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Robert G. Scott is the news director and anchorman for Lake Tahoe Television. This cable TV channel is broadcast throughout the Lake Tahoe region, Reno, and Carson City. Robert G. Scott is also owner of Robert Scott Film, which produces commercials, web video, industrials, and more. Robert has been involved in photography and videography for over 35 years. He has acting experience on television, movies, commercials, voice-overs, and made-for-web entertainment.

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  1. Hi, I joined about a month ago and uploaded one news video, which was promptly blocked. I am not a spammer. I produce news segments for the Lake Tahoe region, Reno, and Carson City. The segments are also broadcast on local television. These news…
  2. Hi. Just signed up and uploaded my first video on your service. Received message that account was disabled because it thinks I am a spammer. I produce the television news for the Lake Tahoe area. There is no spam contained in my productions,…