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  1. 16:23

    Borneo (HD)

    by Shawn Landersz

    5 Videos

    Updating... standby please...

  2. 13:44

    Kenya (HD)

    by Shawn Landersz

    3 Videos

    Never seen so much wildlife... We visited Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara. Pure Heaven.

  3. 10:56

    Maldives (HD)

    by Shawn Landersz

    5 Videos

    a quick recap of seven nights spent heaven.

  4. 00:00

    Costa Rica (HD)

    by Shawn Landersz

    6 Videos

    Costa Rica was on top of my list of places to see for a long time. this year, we finally managed to go there... and it was a DREAM! the wildlife is amazing, the people are so nice and kind, and the…

  5. 11:12

    Rome (HD)

    by Shawn Landersz

    12 Videos

  6. 11:08

    Sicily (HD)

    by Shawn Landersz

    10 Videos

    Caterina was born and raised in Sicily, Italy. We try and go visit her parents and relatives at least twice a year... and it's always too much fun :)

  7. 18:16

    Sri Lanka (HD)

    by Shawn Landersz

    18 Videos

    Hi, my name is Shawn Landersz... and i would like to show you my Sri Lanka... Salve, mi chiamo Shawn Landersz... e vorrei mostrarvi la mia Sri Lanka

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