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The Land of Sky Media Group is based in Asheville, North Carolina in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We got our start back in 2005 as a small video production company that specialized in shooting and editing video as a way to document some of the many incredible outdoor adventure sports that the mountains of the High Country of North Carolina had to offer. Over the years, we’ve produced a wide-range of videos and short films that cover sports and activities that have put western North Carolina on the map as one of the top outdoor adventure sports communities in the country. Our interests in documenting sports have made for some great adventures. Whether we’ve roped up to capture sports like rock climbing, paddled big whitewater to showcase the action of the area’s great kayaking, or bombed it down a steep trail with a head cam to take our viewers into the fast-paced world of mountain biking, we’ve been there, camera in hand, to capture the excitement of the adventure. Since then, we’ve shifted our focus to providing a wide-range of media services including web design, mobile phone app development, press releases, photography and graphic design. Through it all, our passion for capturing and preserving unique moments and showcasing them to the world through the world wide web has continued to be our guiding light.
We offer a wide range of media services, including video, web design, graphic design and press releases from our headquarters in Asheville, North Carolina. All of our packages are custom tailored to each client’s needs to ensure that we provide unique a unique product for each of our clients. Whether you’re looking for product branding, website redesigns, mobile app development, video production services or public relations work, our team has the skills to make your project a success. For more information on our pricing and various media service options, please contact Eric Crews at (828) 278-9891.

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  • Land of Sky Media - Outdoor adventure sports video, real-estate video production and commercial aerial videography


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