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Landscape Rockshop first opened its doors on September 15th 2007 in Paris.

The idea behind the store comes from the common passions shared by the three owners. They were all fans of music and extreme sports, as well as the fashion surrounding these two circles.

Ben, Seb and fab felt that Paris, as well as France, really lacked a store that combined all of these elements well. This is when they decided to create their own store, in their image, with a unique and original touch.

The main focus of the store is to constantly offer it's clients fresh and original collections, without neglecting the ethical aspects of the genres which are held dear by the three. The shop is different because it mixes the classier aspects of rock music and extreme sports.

The shop is now an undeniable meeting point for all those who are clothes-savvy and wanting to stick out with new brands.

The following brands can be found at Landscape Rockshop:

Drop Dead Clothing, DC Shoes, Element, Hurley, Glamour Kills, Von Zipper, Pyknic, DCMA, New Era, Vestal, Zoo York, Cheap Monday, Fred Perry, WeSC, Paint the Stars, Rockett, Built for Sin, Expensive Tastes, The Wild Ones, Beyond Clothing, Babycakes, Dead Serious

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