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I just bought a Canon EOS 60D and the Rode Videomic Pro to go with it, yeah! In the weeks and months to come I'll be busy learning the dos and don'ts of DSLR videography. I also happened to buy myself a new 21,5 inch iMac this week (Core i5 quad core), and I'm planning to buy Final Cut Pro X when released in June.
The grand masterplan is to try my luck as a low budget freelance VJ. Crowded scene, sure, but it beats sitting around doing nothing!
Update: No longer employed as a news VJ. Unfortunately my employer SBS-Net Østjylland went belly up in August 2009 :-(
Blame the credit crisis. Looking for a new job as a journalist/VJ.

I'm a VJ (video journalist) in the city of Aarhus in Denmark. These days I make local TV-news and work as part reporter and part host of five daily local news shows on channel "6", formerly known as TV Danmark. I also edit my own pieces for the news.
My daily worktool is a Panasonic DVX 100, and we edit in Purple.

I'm also an ex-actor with a dubious past in the theatre world. I guess the has-been actor in me is still dreaming about directing short narrative movies with friends just for fun. Anybody wanna play? :-)

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  1. Apple could not have made a better promo video for the iPhone 6 Plus camera than this! Seriously Apple should buy this video from you. It's a perfect showcase for what you can do with the iPhone 6/Plus camera!