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I am a designer, blogger, amateur photographer, technology enthusiast, and lover of all things creative. I've been blogging on and off since 2003 but now I have a permanent home over at (my blog).

I have always had an interest in photography and videography. I discovered Vimeo quite a long ago, but since I never had anything to post about, I didn't make an account. Now I am here, ready to create content of all sorts that will hopefully be useful, entertaining, and interesting to watch.

I love technology. I currently own an Apple 24" iMac, and a 15" MacBook Pro (which I got more recently [March 2008]). I also have a Canon 40D Digital SLR camera that I use for photography. I plan to travel to many places around the world to capture and document the many faces of our planet.

Video is completely new to me. I have never done a single bit of editing or post production. My experiences goes as far as holding the home camera while on vacation with the family. I plan to change this very quickly. The amount of inspirational work I have seen across the web is astounding, and I want to take part in it.

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