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Buenos Aires - Argentina

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Laura Focarazzo lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She's a Graphic Designer graduated at the University of Buenos Aires and she also studied film directing.
She works with experimental musicians of the local and international scene. Her works have participated in exhibitions and international film festivals: 13º BAFICI - International Independent Film Festival of Buenos Aires- , Festival Fuga Lab in Buenos Aires , Abstracta Cinema -Festival of Rome-, AIVA -International Video Art Festival in Sweden-, FLAVIA - 1º Festival Latin America of Video Art-, Lab Gallery in Sweden, Incubarte -International Independent Art Festival in Spain, Screens 2012, Valencia, Spain, Poetry Film Festival 2013 - London, UK, Fonlad 2013 -Coimbra, Portugal, Moozak Festival 2013 -Vienna, Austria, Instants Video 2013 - Marseilles, France, Espacio Enter Canarias 2013 - Festival Internacional de la Creatividad, Innovación y Cultura Digital-, The International Film Poetry Festival, Athens, Greece 2013, Gallery Arte x Arte 2013, Buenos Aires, Argentina a solo exhibition and her video work has been selected to participate the Gesamt project, concept by Lars Von Trier for the collective film: Disaster 521, What happened to man? in Copenhagen Art Festival 2012– Denmark.

About her short films, she says: "I would like to get the audience involved in a similar way that they would towards a poem, to feel some kind of inner experience which stirs them up somehow."

She is currently developing the audiovisual project The Alchemists where as a curator and a videoartist has invited to participate experimental musicians to perform a collective installation based on her own field recordings.

She is member of the international audio/visual group: Exquisite, What?.

Last news:

**I'm glad to be part in the next "TIME is Love Screening", 7th edition - 2014 in UK, France, Germany, USA, South Korea, Slovenia.
Show 2 :: Friday 21st March 2014, Galerie TALMART , Paris!news/c1uh3

** "Going the Distance" & "Other Moons" at the Fuga Industrial 2014 :: 15 y 16 de Marzo :: Fundación Lebensohn :: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

**"Light Birds" has been selected for the next edition of Punto y Raya Festival 2014. January 30 to February 2, 2014 in HARPA, the Concert Hall in Reykjavík Visual Music Festival (Iceland).


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