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Laura Leigh Hicks is a freelance graphic designer, writer, and filmmaker. In 2012 she launched where she offers a wide variety of graphic design services. View her portfolio at

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  • Sketch 37 - My Graphic Design Website and Online Portfolio


  1. Burns Family Studios
  2. Moore Family Films
  3. Nolan Issac
  4. Effects Forge
  5. Northern Lights Media
  6. Gabriel Hudelson
  7. BadCab Productions
  8. JD King
  9. Zach Fowler
  10. Shad Eash
  11. City on a Hill Productions
  12. EchoLight Studios
  13. Biblical Worldview Media
  14. Ace Wonder
  15. Visionary Pictures LLC
  16. Leclerc Brothers Motion Pictures
  17. Jeff and Kim Miller

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