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  1. Antarctica

    by Lauren Farmer joined

    2 Videos / 1 Member

    Dispatches from the white continent. Share experiences you've had down South with others who are just as wild about the place as you are!


    by Marc Scott joined

    11.7K Videos / 2,824 Members

  3. Vimeo Australia!

    by Joel Curran joined

    4,281 Videos / 553 Members

    A group for the Aussie users of Vimeo! Feel free to post any of your videos in here.

  4. Vimeo Meetup!

    by Blake Whitman joined

    118 Videos / 910 Members

    Sometimes Vimeo users meet each other in REAL LIFE!! I know, crazy huh? This group is for videos from Vimeo Meet ups all over the world.

  5. New York

    by Lauren Farmer joined

    6,903 Videos / 2,400 Members

    For anyone able to capture what it is we love about this great city.

  6. Travel the World

    by SectionJake joined

    27.4K Videos / 7,510 Members

    Let's See where you've been!! Join the Tumblr Blog at http://travel-the-world.tumblr.com/

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