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Birmingham, UK

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Described by The Birmingham Post as “leading [a] new breed” of film talent, with work exhibited worldwide, from the UK and Ireland to Australia and America.

A proud Director of Photography on a short film 'Reunion' (Dir. Frankie Shine, 2013) was awarded 1st place at the OFFline Film Festival and has a slot at the Galway Film Fleah this year! With her debut screenplay 'Happy Birthday, Dear Universe', awarded second place last year at Ireland’s OFFLine film festival 2012, and her documentary “We Were Here” was nominated for a prestigious cinematography award at Underwire, the UK’s leading showcase for female filmmakers.

Aside from her self-generated projects, Lauren works as a freelancer in film across a range of different projects, including feature films, shorts and commercial work and is always looking for new and exciting projects to get involved with.

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