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Layne Batt is an award-winning producer, videographer and editor. His career began in TV News in Miami, FL and has evolved into special productions and post production on a variety of programs that span the globe.

With a successful track record of 25 Layne is an industry veteran who has created and collaborated on Promotions, Image Campaigns, Entertainment and Reality Shows, Documentaries and Investigative News Specials.

Among the many honors he has earned for his work are: 13 regional Emmy's, 10 regional Emmy nominations, 6 United Press Int'l Broadcaster's Awards, several Addy's and BPME's (Broadcast Promotion & Marketing Executives) and an award from the Int'l Film & TV Festival of NY.

Layne served as Director of Special Productions and was promoted to Director of Post-Production at a top-market TV station where he worked for many years, prior to launching his own production company, Time Capsule Films.

His extensive client list includes: FOX, MTV’s Real World, America's Most Wanted, WSVN, NBC-6, WFOR, WNBC-NY, NECN Boston and other clients from LA to Orlando. He has also produced hundreds of videos for corporate and non-profit organizations.

In addition to his extensive TV credentials his films have been screened at festivals around the world. Layne is also a published writer and has contributed articles to various newspapers and magazines such as The Miami Herald and the Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel.

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