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Lakeshore Community Church, located in Rochester New York
3651 Latta Road Rochester NY 14612 585-392-5253

Our Mission

At Lakeshore we exist to reach out to people who are indifferent towards Christianity and help them find a faith in Jesus Christ that so amazingly transforms their life that they become difference-makers for Him in the world.

Reaching Indifferent People

We reach people with all kinds of backgrounds, especially spiritual backgrounds. Many people who attend Lakeshore were un-churched, de-churched (they had attended a long time ago), or bad-churched (they were not taught the Bible or were mistreated in some way) when they first arrived. In fact, about 56% of current attendees came to Lakeshore as spiritually-uncertain seekers. This has created an environment where people are welcomed just as they are, and feel valued when they arrive because there are no “holier than thou” attitudes here. Our doors are always wide open to anyone who has even a remote interest in seeking out the God who loves them. We’re a church for people who have given up on church, but not necessarily on God.

Finding Faith In Jesus Christ

We believe that the goal of life is to introduce people to the God who loves them more than they have ever loved themselves— Jesus Christ— by helping them understand that God longs to have a personal relationship with them through faith alone in His Son’s payment for sin on the cross and His subsequent resurrection from the dead. We believe God is not interested in forming this relationship based on rules, rites, rituals, routines, or regulations but rather through faith. Hundreds have discovered this faith for the first time and we long to help everyone find this faith. As a result, many people and families have been rescued from despair and brought into a place of hopefulness.

Becoming A Difference-Maker For Jesus

We believe that “belonging to Jesus” is just the start of our life’s purpose. God also longs for those who know Him to become difference-makers who live so that they become more and more like Jesus in their words, actions and attitudes. It’s never a smooth or easy journey but it is the one that we strive to pursue together. We have many services, gatherings, events, seminars and the like to help the youngest child to the oldest adult grow spiritually so that they can make a difference in the world. Whether it is serving someone locally or feeding starving children around the world, we long to help others to spread the name and the fame of Jesus everywhere we can.

We invite you to check out Lakeshore for yourself. You’ll find a place where you can explore your faith at your own pace. And you never know: you might become another big difference-maker!

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