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  1. mobygratis.com

    by Moby joined

    1,551 Videos / 2,155 Members

    a space to showcase films using music licensed for free from mobygratis.com mobygratis is a resource for independent and non-profit filmmakers, film students, and anyone in need of free music for…


    by Dmitri Pütsepp joined

    4,540 Videos / 2,450 Members

    All FANTASY stuff. 3D. Visual effects. Animation. Make UP FX. Sculpting. Mattepainting. Films.

  3. New York City

    by john marchan joined

    2,139 Videos / 704 Members

    New York City - all videos that were recorded of New York City and the vicinities around it.

  4. Cinema

    by Daniel Pulido joined

    31 Videos / 7 Members

    Cinematic Planet

  5. Experimental Narrative

    by Sailors on Belmont joined

    3,514 Videos / 1,142 Members

    Experimental techniques used to tell stories. Advancement of the medium. Film and video as a canvas for story telling. I'm afraid of the dark and often wet my bed for protection.

  6. Expired Films

    by lealar joined

    373 Videos / 256 Members

    A group created to share the interesting and unpredictable nature of films that were shot past their expiration or "process by" date. Discontinued stocks may also be included. Feel…

  7. Black & White! on film


    1,246 Videos / 590 Members

    black and white shot on film medium like 8mm / 16mm / 35mm etc ;]

  8. Cinéma Vérité

    by CandR Productions joined

    615 Videos / 213 Members

    literal Meaning: film truth This was a style of film making developed by French film directors in the 1960’s. Their production techniques did not depend on star quality actors, sets, props,…

  9. Nouvelle Vague

    by Luca Gennari joined

    571 Videos / 278 Members

    "Photography is truth. And cinema is truth twenty-four times a second." JL Godard For those who owe something to French 'Nouvelle Vague'.


    by Maarten Toner joined

    515 Videos / 5,020 Members

    Welcome to the original Do It Yourself Film Tool group. We are trying to collect as many practical tips, filmtool ideas and "build your own" videos as possible. From 3D setups, dolly…

  11. 16mm

    by Joseph Griffin joined

    2,175 Videos / 1,366 Members

    Shoot on 16 mil? This is your domain! Post raw footage or your completed 16mm film here. Home movies, student films, independant - It doesn't matter.

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