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Visit our website xtremelean.us where you will find valuable information about Lean Business practices, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma Quality, and how we can implement solutions to improve your business.

Xtreme Lean Consulting is made up of expert consultants with many years of "hands-on" experience from the shop floor to Senior Management.

We understand the pressures and requirements of manufacturing businesses and the difficulty in improving the workplace. (Continuous Improvement)

We also understand every company is unique in its products, processes, culture, people, and the problems they face (Tailored solutions).

Working collaboratively with your company employees, we assess the current manufacturing and business processes from a Lean perspective. Together we develop a strategic plan for success, train and coach employees to implement improvements, and ensure goals are met and sustained (improvement).

We have consultants fluent in English and Spanish(communication) who are capable of working effectively at all levels of the organization. Our training materials are engaging and easily comprehended by all personnel. Watch samples of our training materials here on this website. (Training materials) xtremelean.us

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