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In 2002, I began researching and studying lease options. I had been a daytrader and options trader, but I wanted to get into real estate. Lease options seemed like a great avenue for me, as I was an experienced stock options trader. However, the information that was being put out by the gurus was vague and not helpful at all. I knew that there had to be a way to utilize lease options to build a business and help people at the same time.

So, I went to work putting together all of the pieces of the puzzle that I felt I would need to actually develop a solid, one-stop-shop lease option system. In 2003, Leasing to Buy (leasingtobuy.com) was born. As with any business, it took a tremendous amount of effort and work to build the company by trial and error, as no one else was doing what I was trying to accomplish. I had to learn from my own mistakes and keep tweaking the system.

Within six months, I was working Leasing to Buy full time and had quit my regular job. Within a year the company was growing rapidly, and the demand for my system grew with it; so much so, that I began looking at offering franchises to Leasing to Buy. But, I then decided that rather than grow the company, I would grow the system and just train others how to duplicate what I had done. Therefore, they could create their own business without having to pay a large franchise fee - just a small training fee and they would have their own company!

My main focus is still Leasing to Buy, as this is what I do. I wanted to help others duplicate my success which is why I started creating these training videos.

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