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  1. MadMapper

    by GarageCUBE joined

    183 Videos / 299 Members

    The MadMapper is a tool for simplifying the process of mapping projections onto physical surfaces. The software is a collaboration between Modul8 Team and 1024 Architecture. It uses an OS X 10.6 framework…

  2. Syphon

    by vade joined

    174 Videos / 136 Members

    Showcase videos, techniques, tools and workflows utilizing Syphon, the hardware accelerated frame sharing technology for Mac OS X.

  3. Alpha-ville International moving image competition

    by Alpha ville joined

    2 Videos / 70 Members

    In partnership with Vimeo and media partners Little White Lies, Shooting People and Animate Projects, Alpha-ville invites you to submit films that represents the transition from digital to post-digital…

  4. LivePerformersMeeting

    by nonamevj joined

    95 Videos / 51 Members

    hey if u has some videos recorded share it here

  5. vvvv

    by Philipp Steinweber joined

    755 Videos / 1,338 Members

    vvvv is a toolkit for real time video synthesis. It is designed to facilitate the handling of large media environments with physical interfaces, real-time motion graphics, audio and video that can…

  6. NUKE

    by DaffRider joined

    186 Videos / 237 Members

    CGItrainer NUKE Viméo WIP des tutoriels vidéo sur NUKE x


    by vj granda joined

    1,762 Videos / 781 Members


    by Jordi Pages joined

    801 Videos / 441 Members

    VIMAPPINGEO is a small community inside Vimeo where you will be able to find the last works related with projection mapping. We will be posting new upcoming events on the calendar, keep an eye…

  9. LIVE visuals

    by vj granda joined

    1,803 Videos / 672 Members

    Live performed & Live recorded visuals. Visuales realizados y grabados en vivo. Visuels réalisés et filmé en direct. NO LOOPS, NO LOOPS PACK !!!!

  10. electronica visual

    by Giacomo De Luca joined

    2,490 Videos / 768 Members

  11. Video creation on stage for theater and dance

    by a-li-ce joined

    39 Videos / 88 Members

    Welcome aboard ! :) Ce groupe est dédié à la création de contenu vidéo pour des spectacles de théâtre et de danse, et pour échanger sur les…

  12. TouchDesigner

    by Derivative joined

    937 Videos / 1,151 Members

    TouchDesigner is a development environment for visual artists, animators, and everyone else to build powerful interactive graphics-accelerated 3D worlds and applications. See the TouchDesigner…

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