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An alumna of the world-renowned New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, Arielle Nobile is the founder & CEO of Legacy Connections Films which she co-founded with her husband, Nicolas Nobile, in 2005.

She has conducted over 250 interviews on three continents in two languages (Spanish/English). She has interviewed people from all walks of lives, from hypnotists or Nobel Peace Prize nominees, CEOs to homemakers. She became passionate about making life story documentaries when her grandmothers' wanted to capture their family histories. To date she has completed over 100 Legacy Connections Films and is working on many more.

Before founding Legacy Connections Films, Arielle was on the faculty at the Second City Theatre's Training Center in Chicago and Piven Theatre Workshop in Evanston, IL. Her strong background as a director and instructor in theater and film makes her the right person to help you tell your or your companies story. Visit LegacyConnectionsFilms.com for more information or visit us on FB at facebook.com/legacyconnectionsfilms.

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