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Italian-born Christian Legno, better known by his stage name Leg-No, is an eclectic producer whose music is a natural high experience, combining melodic, soul-stirring bass lines with synthetic sounds and jumping hip hop cuts to keep your body moving.

As a live performer, Leg-No is known for his club-rocking, genre-busting, eclectic sets that astonish any crowd. His diversity is reflected in his varied output as a producer: from the sickest dubstep and wonky electro, to wobbling house and glitchy hip-hop.

At 15, he had his first taste of production, using electronic drums. He began playing and mixing techno and hip hop for a long time, releasing his first EP at 18, all the while searching for a unique and original artistic expression that would show his passion for hip-hop. His remixes of Mos Def, Beastie Boys and Clipse in his sixth EP “Look After Your Own Shit” were an achievement of that goal, and Leg-No soon created his first label, “Touch Response Rec,” with friends Mowgli and Clark Able.

Moving to London to join his best friends Mowgli, Solo and Rivastarr, Leg-No expanded his musical boundaries, forging a revolutionary new genre he christened “Hipster Boogie.” Perfecting his new style (which mixed house and fidget with rap vocals), he released a slew of popular dance remixes featuring the likes of Spank Rock, Dj Kentaro, Tricky, Ludacris, and Schlathofbronx.

Leg-No’s next musical venture assembeled an impressive cast of rappers and singers on Dope&Hope, his debut album with soul/R&B influences. World famous artists like Saïan Supa Crew, Promoe, Maya Azucena, and Asian Dub Foundation lent their talents.

In 2009, Leg-No and Chris De Luca met through a mutual friend at Cargo Club in London, and the two soon began to consider creating a label.

Influenced by club scene, he started to work with the german rapper Emma and together produced their first EP Sunglasses: mixing hot uptempo-rap-music with ethno-samples and extreme wobbling bass.

Leg-No currently lives in Berlin, working with singers like Zebra Baby, Tunde Olaniran, RQM, White Gold Princess, and Emma, along with producers like Chris De Luca and Mendel, for his own label Be Bonkerz.

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