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Leilanika was born and raised right outside the city of Manila, Philippines, where her parents were (and still are) missionaries. Since she was little, she saw the need for Jesus' love to be spread to every corner of the world.

Even though her life was surrounded by biblical teaching and an overseas-missionary lifestyle, it wasn't until she turned seventeen, that she had a life-changing encounter with the Holy Spirit. She began to see truly what it was like to have a deep relationship with the Lord, feel his love, and search out his heart.

One of her hobbies growing up was music. She's been playing piano since the age of seven, singing on stage since ten, and composing since fifteen. Leilanika soon realized that after leading worship and writing several songs, that God had anointed her to lead others into his presence and speak to their hearts through her own compositions.

After graduating high school in 2009, she has attended Bethel School of Worship and Ocean's Edge School of Music where she studied piano and voice. She has been challenged to write more songs as well as produce them in a way that the church and others are changed from the inside out, for the glory and honor of God.

Above all else, her goal and dream is to "praise Jesus in whatever circumstance and to dwell in the house of Yahweh forever. He deserves the highest praise and I must choose to make my whole life a response to his great love."
I’ve seen it prevalent from culture to culture, age to age, man to woman. His love has saved me from all harm and that’s what I write about. I impatiently wait in my seat for the beautiful day when YHWH will gather his beloved and lead them into eternal paradise.

Today, he is assembling His army. Men and women who have surrendered their heart and soul to Him, who are clothed in purity and righteousness, and who have courage.

My dream is to see justice and compassion: True Love. My dream is to adore my maker. My dream is to dwell in the house of YHWH forever.

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