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Joycelyn (Joy) Lee started out directing theatre plays while pursuing a Diploma in Theatre and the Arts Management in Republic Polytechnic. During which, she directed her first short film The Irony. She continued to pursue her passion and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Film from The Puttnam School of Film, LASALLE College of the Arts.
She writes, directs, shoots and edits. One of her films, Laughing Eyes, was screened at The 2nd Singapore Short Film Awards (Substation). On top of that, her award-winning graduation film, That’s WICKED!, was screened at the 25th International Documentary Film Festival (IDFA), EYE - the Dutch Film Museum and "Music Docs Rock!" at the ChopShots Documentary Film Festival Southeast Asia 2012 (Indonesia), among many other international film festivals. It won Best Documentary and was nominated for Best Editing at the SSFA 2013.
As an emerging artist and filmmaker, Joy hopes to carry on improving her skill and gradually help the pioneers strengthen Singapore's budding film industry.

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