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Maasmechelen, Belgium

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Hi, I'm Lennert!

I'm an upcoming Photoshop- and VFX-artist and even try to make some music every once in a while. I also play the piano and I like gaming.

If you're looking for a fairly skilled Photoshopper or VFX-artist at a low budget, look no further! Just send me a request via email. (lennert.daniels@gmail.com)

If you want to see my work, please check out the links given on my profile.

Have a nice day! :)

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  1. Lennert Daniëls commented on The Ox
    Thanks for making this, it is a really nice documentary, made me think a lot! Also, I loved the cinematography. Maybe a tripod or stabilizer rig would've made some scenes just a tad smoother, but it doesn't matter. Great, great, great work! :)