Leo Pia Plus

France, Aix-en-Provence

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Even as a young boy, I quickly realized that I couldn't get everything I wanted, so I started to draw all these things, all these missing cards in my NBA 93-94 collector’s binder, all these comic book sequels which have never been published, all these movie poster remakes I drew and which have been released only in my imaginary... Anyway, I had a happy childhood.
I grew up in the south of France with a boundless curiosity concerning the things that surrounded me (thanks to my parents for having bought our first familly camera), and which were the subjects of all my graphic experimentations (thanks to my parents for having bought a second «first familly camera»).
This curiosity has never ceased to grow and my desire to create has become indispendable in my life. After being graduated in Graphic Design & Advertising, I immediately started to work.
My thirst for knowledge makes me a Jack-of-all-trades, I am passionate about graphic design, photography, animation, video and I enjoy to mix them in my works.


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