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Let's Dish! with Gaylene is a variety show on local TV and Internet covering recipes,interviews,music,sightseeing,fitness and much more!


Let's Dish! with Gaylene is a variety talk show that will have interviews,hot topics,music,recipes,sightseeing and much more! The show will be airing on DATV in the following areas and on the following channels coming late Summer/early fall 2014 There are 2 sets of numbers for each channel,first is for regular and 2nd set of numbers next to the city is the digital channel number:
DATV Channel Locations

Dayton 5 or 99.3

Riverside 5 or 99.3

Butler Twp.5 or 99.3

ClarkCounty 23 or 99.9

Englewood 6 or 99.1

Vandalia 6 or 99.1

Union 6 or 99.1

Clayton 6 or 99.1

Fairborn 23 or 99.9

Harrison Twp.6 or 99.2

Huber Heights 6 or 99.1

Jefferson Twp.5 or 99.1

South Charleston 23 or 99.9

WPAFB 23 or 99.9

Xenia 6 or 99.2

Trotwood 6 or 99.1

New Carlisle 5

More cities and channels coming soon, so stay tuned for series air times on TV and the internet!

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