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  1. 10:09

    FilmerUnknown Finalist

    by Level 1

    8 Videos

    Each of the Finalists were selected on the merits of their qualifying round submissions, where they were asked to submit a 90-second reel showcasing their skills with any available equipment, locations,…

  2. 01:42:22

    Superunknown X

    by Level 1

    39 Videos

  3. 01:23:18

    Superunknown VI

    by Level 1

    26 Videos

  4. 02:41

    Superunknown IX Honorable Mention

    by Level 1

    11 Videos

    Entries from the Superunknown IX contest that are worthy of a special shout out.

  5. 00:00

    Superunknown VIII

    by Level 1

    14 Videos

    Level 1 Superunknown VIII

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