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L.E.V., stands for Visual Electronic Laboratory, is a free open space in which electronic music and the visual and scenic arts work in synergy and indivisibly as a unitary form of art expression with the aim of bringing closer to the public a selection of the most interesting works in the audiovisual domain, offering a maximun quality panoramic vision on the electronic music creation wide spectrum.
Visual Electronic Laboratory´s seventh edition will takes place during may the 3rd and 4th 2013.


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  1. Mind the Film
  2. Florence To
  3. Avoka
  4. Gustavo Zapico
  5. exyzt
  6. Gymkhana
  7. Belio
  8. 1024
  9. Paul Prudence
  10. MFO
  11. Fium
  12. Alba G. Corral
  13. Playground // PlayTv
  14. Asynthome
  15. Yro
  16. Herman Kolgen
  17. Amon Tobin
  18. Ali M. Demirel

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