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Riverside, CA

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Folklore Mexicano Dance Academy presents “Leyenda”, their performance team of dancers. Through international exchange, research and continuos studies the academy has innovated folklorico and made it interactive and engaging. Not your average folklorico dances but anthropology in motion. With this concept, “Leyenda” has traveled as far as Hong Kong, China this January and has been invited to dance in Europe in February 2010 and Japan in May 2010. The group was featured on TV 10 times in the past 12 months including a documentary on MUN2 (A latino video-music Channel like MTV) featuring “Leyenda’s” dance experience to China. Other projects include dancing in Las Vegas and Mexico as well as opening concerts for emerging artists and creating theater productions aside from government, corporate and social events like quinceaneras and weddings. Awards to Folklore Mexicano include, Best Artist 2008 by Riverside City Council, “Vision” award, “Image” award, a commendation by City of Los Angeles 2009, Gold and Silver awards for service to the community by RCC, etc. Folklore Mexicano is in a growth mode becoming the top Ballet folklorico in the Inland Empire through hard work, professionalism and dedication and shows that are memorable bringing to the dance floor something more that just dancing. The innovation continues... the “Legend” is alive!

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