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  1. WINE

    by VIINI joined

    188 Videos / 48 Members

    Drinking wine is easily one of the most pleasant things to do. So take a glass to that pretty hand of yours and dive into the world of wine with us.

  2. Wine

    by WorcesterScene.com joined

    337 Videos / 136 Members

    The group that is focused on wine. Alone, paired with food, or the creation of.... anything that is related to wine is welcome and enjoyed!

  3. Short Films & Stories HD

    by Sam Ramsay joined

    3,724 Videos / 1,655 Members

    Short films are all about a solid story. Share your story with Vimeo. This is the place for young, aspiring filmmakers who want to tell their stories through the moving picture - drama, comedy,…

  4. The Filmmakers of Tomorrow

    by Knock Knock Pictures joined

    391 Videos / 212 Members

    This is a group for young filmmakers who take pride in their talents and their creations, and have something to show for it. This group is for sharing your films and getting feedback. Hopefully a…

  5. Healthy Coffee

    by Zara Lockwood joined

    55 Videos / 66 Members

    this is a group for people who like healthy coffee, regular coffee and all sorts of coffee including coffee in sachets, specialty coffee, espresso, latte, mocha, beans, instant or cappuccino etc.

  6. Food and drink

    by The Jellyfish Act joined

    134 Videos / 47 Members

  7. Lifestyle. Easy Living. Easy Entertaining

    by Susan Doherty joined

    186 Videos / 50 Members

    Lifestyle - Easy Living. Easy Entertaining is your one-stop resource for all things lifestyle: entertaining, food and wine, cocktails, home and garden, travel and more. Living well is lovely. Living…

  8. Food

    by Dean Sherwood joined

    405 Videos / 136 Members

    Close Ups, Recipes etc...

  9. Food Porn

    by Drew Falkman joined

    844 Videos / 413 Members

    The purpose of this group is to share videos that excite and titillate our senses...at least in regards to food.

  10. FOOD

    by Divine Agency joined

    683 Videos / 248 Members

  11. The Food Group

    by Maarten Toner joined

    2,512 Videos / 1,109 Members

    Food videos, showing how to prepare food or food info. What is health food, why do we need good food and how to prepare it in a tasty way.

  12. Foodie

    by Paul Holmes joined

    531 Videos / 182 Members

    A group for food lovers!

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