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我们不是什么特别的人,也没拥有这世上的人能夸耀的名利、财富或崇高的地位。我们只是神在这21世纪拣选蒙恩的余民 – 确信神所赐的应许,“平凡”的人过着“不平凡”的生活,并且在我们各别现场为神发光。我们深信神在圣经里的每一个应许都是赐给每一位神儿女的。所以,这些应许的印证成为我们的信息以及见证的着重点。虽然我们现在仍然只是一间小小的独立教会,我们却爱所有当代的教会也希望能祝福他们。我们也祷告祝福那些曾经祝福过我们的教会以及领袖。
The Word of God, through Lord Jesus Christ brings forth salvation, healing and victory. Salvation is about meeting God personally; Healing comes though the restoration of God’s purpose; Victory is living out God’s perfect will in us. We pray that these messages may be listened or referred to earnestly because God works through the conviction of His Spirit through understanding His Word, even with one person!