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Lifesystems was originally conceived back in 1983. My girlfriend, a newly qualified doctor and I had bought a discount ticket to Fiji. Whilst we were there, we travelled extensively by bus and one day found ourselves camping just behind a beach. I was walking down to the sea when my foot suddenly sank into the sand. When I pulled it out, there was a substantial gash and a lot of blood. I turned to the doctor, she hauled a plastic bag full of medical kit out of her rucksack and treated me. But the question was what does someone do if they do not travel with their own doctor? Lifesystems was the answer. The first products were sold in 1990.

As adventure travel grew in popularity during the 1990s, the opportunity to design a range of product designed specifically for travel became clearer. Lifeventure was created to encompass travel rucksacks, sleeping bags, trek towels and all the bits and bobs which are useful when you are away from home. The first products sold in 1996.

As I grew older and got married, children became a part of my life. I used back carriers to take to slightly more adventurous places where pushchairs simply could not hack it. Have you ever tried getting a pushchair over a stile? The trouble with the carriers was that they were awful. We had experience of designing backpacks from Lifeventure, so we created LittleLife. The products first sold in 2003. My second daughter was 4 by then so I missed out on using LittleLife gear. Until I had another daughter in 2005. She has been to all sorts of places in her LittleLife carrier including Marrakesh, Cairo and the Brecon Beacons.

Courtesy of Mark Cobham, Director of Lifemarque Ltd

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