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We started Lift Marketing because there was a need for a better solution in the marketplace. The world of real estate has slowly been catching up with the times but the way real estate was marketed seemed to be lagging. It's not good enough to just have a website, or some photos or even a good sales pitch. People need to be inspired, and at Lift, inspiration is what we're all about.

We wanted to create something that not only helped sell property and give people a new perspective, but had the ability to actually move people. A photograph of your dock will never give you a new perspective on the dock. But how about seeing that dock from 100ft in the air? Think about your neighbourhood, your property lines and the surrounding nature that adds so much value to the property but often forgotten. With Lift, all of these become a reality.

Aerial videos are nothing new, but the way that we do them is.

Beyond real estate, Lift has found a use for aerial video in a wide variety of industries! If you think you might like to integrate Lift into you marketing give us a call!

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