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The Lighthouse Film Company has a passion of telling stories that move people emotionally. We are about taking our work to the next level. We are boutique. We are creative. And, we are super fun. We work with big and small brands and we have a collective synergy with all our clients.

We also have lots and lots of gear to help take your production to the next level -- A full High-Speed Arri Alexa package, Ultra Primes, Optimo 24-290, Cabrio 19-90, Movi M10, Sony FS 700 with Movcam Cage, PL Mount and a Metabones adaptor for EF, Varicam, 5D Mark 3 with sick lenses, 24 foot Grip and lighting Truck, 3 edit suites, underwater housings, go pros, and a bunch of creative minds who love what we do.

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