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Who We Are/Vision: There are 5 essential pillars that define Lighthouse culture. They are:
Grace: We are fallen, broken people who are absolutely dependent upon God’s unmerited favor through Jesus Christ. There is no one outside of God’s salvation, except those who don’t think they need it.
Truth: We believe the Bible to be God’s Word. It’s a hill we’ll die on. We teach it. We believe it. We try our best by God’s grace to live by it.
Honor: Our individual and corporate goal is to see each other succeed. We to do everything we can to help each other come into the fullness of our callings. It is not about individual glory or recognition, but about rejoicing over each other's successes.
Excellence: We strive to do everything we do to the best of our abilities and resources. Jesus is worth it!
Mission: The mission field isn’t just across the ocean. It’s across the street. We live on a mission to make the name of Jesus great among the people of Twin Falls and the Magic Valley.

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