Lightworks 2012

Grimsby, UK

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The place to find films and footage of Lightworks - an evening of film, installation and new media that has taken place in Grimsby on Friday March 19th 2010, Friday March 18th 2011, Friday March 16th 2012 and Friday March 15th 2013.

Thanks to all who have contributed work to Lightworks.
Lightworks has only been possible thanks to the support of North East Lincolnshire Council, Arts Council England and the Grimsby Institute.
If you have any queries please use platformcontactus(at)

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  1. Bill Morrison
  2. AUJIK
  3. Dave Perlis
  4. Cut Limited
  5. Jamie Craven
  6. Central Station
  7. Futurecity
  8. Boaz Balachsan
  9. Andrew Hill
  10. David Anthony Sant
  11. the static white noise
  12. Sound and Music
  13. reappearance
  14. Abigail Noble
  15. Mr Holley
  16. Lumen
  17. davelynch
  18. Caroline Twidle

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