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Ligia Lewis, born in the Dominican Republic and raised in the US, lives and works in Berlin. Making use of theater, dance and text, Ligia crafts performances engaging pop culture, affect, and empathy. To this end she crafts nuanced embodiments giving form to enigmatic performances.

Ligia has presented her work in multiple contexts across Europe and abroad. Her choreographies include Sensation 1 (Tanz im August, NGBK gallery, Basel Liste, MU Theater-Budapest, ), Sensation 2(Sophiensaele Theater) and $$$(X-Appartments Berlin/ HAU), and THE SHOW SHOW (Sophiensaele). Her latest work, Solo For Peter was presented alongside her residency at Pieter Space (LA) with upcoming shows in Berlin.

Before directing performances, Ligia worked extensively across Europe performing with and alongside the following: Les Ballets C de la B (BE), Jeremy Wade (US/DE), Ariel Efram Ashbel, Eszter Salomon, and more. She was involved in further collaborations with visual artists Wu Tsang and Wojciech Kosma. Alongside her own practice, Ligia continues to work collaboratively.

Ligia has been awarded project funding from the city of Berlin.


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