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Composer for the Screen
M.A. (Distinction) Soundtrack Production - Composing;
B.Mus. (Hons.)




Lîla's distinct style and intuitive feel for narrative has earned her a respectable reputation as a reliable and perceptive composer whose music always enriches and supports a film.

Her Celtic-Classical roots permeate her music and she specializes in writing for strings, piano and orchestra, creating memorable, emotive melodies and sensitive, subtle underscores.

Lîla currently works from her home in the Scottish Highlands and the Unity Recording Studio near Inverness ( where she records session musicians, ensembles, vocalists and choirs for commissioned film and TV projects.



Currently working on:
'The Nightlight Monster" - Animation by Nicola Coppack / Fabrique d'Images

October 2012
'We Will Get There' - Commercial by Mahmut Akay

May 2012
‘Salma-A Wingless Nomad’ - Documentary by Miguel Alonso Mira

March 2012
‘Gut Crunch’ - Short film by Vins Blake

February 2012:
'Wireless' - Commercial by Mahmut Akay: Winner of the MOFILM AT&T competition, Barcelona 2012.

November 2011:
'Solidarity' - Short animation by Mahmut Akay

August 2011:
‘Bellinger’s Affair’ - Film (Period Drama) by Kalo Costa Alegre

March 2011:
‘The Flying Duchess’ - Short Animation by Freya Hotson
‘Lesson from a Stranger’ - Short film by Mahmut Akay

Feb 2011:
‘Perspective’ - Short film by Ed Barton

Jan 2011:
‘The Living Corpse’ (Additional Music/Music Editor/Orchestrator) - Animated Feature Film by Justin Paul Ritter

‘The Birdcage’ - Short film by Oleg Loginov

‘Britain’s Fattest Man’ - TV Documentary for Channel 4: Electric Sky Productions; Producer: Andy Webb


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