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My name is Lillian and I’m allergic to gluten, dairy, cane sugar, and soy. I also cannot tolerate the mixtures of flours that are usually used in gluten-free baking and do better on a high protein/low carb diet, so I also bake grain-free. Grain-free, dairy-free, cane sugar-free, soy-free recipes.

I make other people’s recipes for the very first time on camera. I adapt them to my own needs on the fly and muddle through them. Because I don’t want people to be intimidated and scared. I want them to have fun while they cook. I want them to watch me and think, “If she can do it, so can I.”

And as you (hopefully) learn how to cook and bake for yourself, I am learning right along with you.

I’m testing them out, so you don’t have to.

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