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4th Generation Psychic Medium, Linda Lauren grew up like most people – speaking to imaginary friends, selecting favorite colors, and spending time with her close-knit Italian family. But Linda's imaginary friends happened to be relatives who'd passed on; her favorite colors were usually seen around people's heads or coming out of their mouths; and her family encouraged her to meditate daily and write her psychic experiences in her journal. Okay, so maybe she didn't grow up like most people…yet that is precisely what makes this fourth-generation Psychic Medium that much more special.

Born and raised in Newark, New Jersey, Linda embraced her psychic life early on, spending time with her grandmother and mother to further cultivate her ability to communicate with the other side, and to learn to use these abilities to help others. Throughout her life, she understood the role of "energy" in the universe and has been able to help clients by "intuiting"' that energy and its role in their lives, and the lives of those around and before them. Along the way, Lauren received her Bachelor's degree, became a paralegal, wrote for television shows in Hollywood, authored advice columns, helped law enforcement find missing persons with her abilities, and is a resident Psychic Medium on radio shows. Lauren set up a full-time metaphysical practice in 1994 and has grown her business to include several areas of specialty, all based upon the power of energy and color.

As a wellness teacher, Lauren believes in one fundamental notion – guiding people to make decisions that create positive awareness. She harnesses information about the person/business through a variety of mechanics – the use of photos, handwriting analysis, the color of their aura, and her own Intuitive Zoning (by a look into the eyes, the touch of the hand or the sound of the voice, Lauren is given impressions of the person's past, present and probable future).

Recently, Lauren began to focus on Color Therapy and has created Linda Lauren's Energy Art™, which is a unique artistic interpretation of expression in which Lauren captures the essence of the energy of a person, place or thing and translates that spirit to canvas. The result is an utterly individual work of art that paints a "portrait" of the subject in a way not seen before. This, Lauren believes, is another method of helping people harness their energy and use that color vibration to deliver what they need in their own individual universe.

Lauren, who knew Jim Morrison, is an avid collector of The Doors and related rock memorabilia, and resides in West Orange, New Jersey, with her spunky Malti-Poo, Gidget.

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