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Being born in the Bronx - the same birthplace as film icons Woody Allen and Al Pacino - Linette Lucas knew that she too was destined for greatness. At a very young age, she possessed a creative essence that would eventually lead her to act & direct. From acting in plays to playing musical instruments and performing in talent shows, her love of the fine arts could hardly be ignored. After attending Hunter College, she eagerly reunited with her creative aspirations and explored the entertainment industry. She landed a job as an acting teacher at KAPLAN-CUNY CAT (Creative Arts Team) where she attended various middle schools in NYC teaching a five-day workshop. The experience bettered her acting and increased her awareness of directing. This then lead her to attend NYU’s Film Production Program - where prominent directors Oliver Stone, M. Night Shyamalan, Martin Scorsese and Spike Lee have sat behind the camera. Next up was Linette Lucas.

At NYU, Linette acquired skills that every great director should have. She brilliantly incorporated her knowledge with creativity and produced exceptional film projects which successfully garnered two scholarships: NYU’s Technisphere Achievement Award & Scholarship and The Andreas Zahler Scholarship. She has directed projects such as "The Lucky Star of Hidden Things", "Adrenaline Lifeline", "Can We Go Back" Music Video, "Nothing I Can Do" Music Video, P.U.M.P.S., "Hip Hop on the Rocks" Commercial, "Friend & Foe", "Distorted" and "Summertime". Linette is currently on her way to becoming one of the greats. Determined to follow in the path of the other great directors before her, the young director has become a trailblazer herself. It takes effortless brilliance, captivating storytelling and relentless passion - all of which are the ingredients to becoming a phenomenal director. And wouldn’t you know, that’s the recipe to Linette Lucas.

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