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Patrick Mattison is a multi-talented media designer and content creator. Providing motion-graphics and editorial services in the entertainment and corporate events world, Patrick is sought after for creating compelling screen content that is stylish and inspired. 

Patrick has collaborated closely with renowned artists that include Diana Ross and Barry Manilow, helping them bring to life their creative vision. His work on Lionel Richie’s concert tour has been seen throughout the world and most notably on the American Music Awards.

Patrick’s experience in the corporate events arena ranges from slick corporate show-openings and graphics for interactive entertainment giant EA Games, to thrilling video art installations for entertainment industry parties and the must-attend event of the year, the E3 Expo.

His photography has been published in books and magazines around the world and has garnered an impressive online following. 

Patrick’s ability to wear many creative hats makes him a valuable asset in “getting the job done” and the ideal candidate for clients looking to maximize their budget.

Patrick lives in Los Angeles and is represented by Clear Talent Group.

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