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London, UK

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I am an Animation Producer with over 12 years in the animation / advertising industry. I started at Loose Moose, London, UK, as a runner after graduating from Westminster University and quickly worked my way up.

In 2011 I directed my first short film - 'Being Bradford Dillman', which was an obssession in development for nearly 10 years. To date it has won 16 awards and been screened at over 85 international film festivals.

Since finishing my short, I have produced commercials and idents for Seed Animation, London, UK (seedanimation.com) as well as Tandem Films, London, UK - (tandemfilms.com), along with the highly successful online series of Simon's Cat films - (youtube.com/simonscat) and most recently 'Mr. Plastimime', the latest short by Oscar winning Director Daniel Greaves - (mrplastimime.com)

Alongside my day jobs I continue to manage film festival submissions, print traffic and PR for BBD, as well as developing new short and feature film ideas.

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