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Here's the things you need to know about little ol' me :)

1. I'm a 28 year old crazy gal living it up in Boston with the BEST fiance a girl could ask for and 2 adorable little dogs Chibi (6 yr old Chihuahua) and Loki (1.5 yr old mini American Eskimo)
2. I love all things PINK!
3. My friends/family are my world
4. I work hard and play hard :)
5. I have one older sister who lives out in LA- please follow her blog
6. Sweets are my downfall.... specifically anything chocolate
7. I am a television whore
8. Music makes me happy
9. Shopping makes me happier
10. I would love to visit Italy in my lifetime

I love writing for my blog littlesparksofmadness. Here's a blurb that describes it!

In this hectic world where I constantly feel pulled in a million directions, I’m always looking for a daily dose of inspiration. Friendship & family, music, life, fashion, Penguins, my dogs, photography and anything that will make me laugh inspire me. Life constantly throws challenges and obstacles in our way of success & how we handle this madness is part of our character. I’m hoping to help inspire you to be the best YOU as possible, and to not take life too seriously. xox- Linds

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