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Office is located directly across from hotel "Moscow", at the Terazije Plateau, a well-known Belgrade square which was built in 19. century.
The studio has 300m² and it's situated in the heart of Belgrade, next to many historical monuments, theatres and hotels.

Living Pictures offers complete post-production services in 2K and 4K and beyond, including processing from onset grading, digital dailies, offline editing,
online editing, 6K film scanning, 5K real time color grading, 35mm film recording, blu-ray, DVD and DCP mastering. Also, we have a film restoration
department offering digital restoration of old 35mm film archive materials, or providing image enhancement and remastering of new digital films.

Our camera rental department supports and pushes forward the latest digital camera acquisition technology and it's equipped with Arri Alexa and Epic cameras. Productions all around the world use our services. Beside numerous clients from Serbia, our foreign clients come from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Czech Republic, Turkey, Germany, Portugal, Estonia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Japan.

Living Pictures was a co-producer of "Revolt", "Skopje Remixed, "Smrt Coveka na Balkanu", "Plava Krv" and "Gde je Nadja?" feature films.
Also, we have participated as a producer or co-producer in numerous short films, documentaries and television projects for major tv networks.

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