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Linnea Lindh is a swedish choreographer and graphic artist based in scandinavia. She graduated from The Danish National School of Contemporary Dance in 2009 with a degree in choreography and dance.

Both in Linneas visual and physical work the apperance of her eye for imagery is very clear. Linneas art is a study of the relationship between bodies and form, space and feelings. The abstract materials and movements are making their way into stories and atmospheres when they meet and co exists.

Linnea is a part of the art collective Corso where she presents the work of her dancefilms.

The collective is a group of 12 young artist working with everything
from photography, installations and video. The purpose of the collective is to support and inspire eachother and together make things possible. During 2011 Corso had two exhibitions at Galleri Kocks and Galleri Detroit in Stockholm.

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