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On the surface, Localvore Today is a group buying website offering discounted vouchers to Vermont businesses.

But we are much more than that.

By being a locally owned company and serving the community in which we reside, we can more knowledgeably serve those businesses. We also have economic, marketing and local business expertise that we are utilizing to make this service work as well as possible for the merchants we feature – this is what we call a more “merchant-centric” approach.

The main question we asked when starting this was “How can we use this to help grow the local economy?” That is our founding principle.

Additionally we work hard to bring you merchants that share this “Localvorality” with us. Unique, authentic experiences from local businesses involved in supporting the community.

We are also – like many start-ups – trying to change the world. Each year a billion dollars flows out of local communities to the national headquarters of the “Daily Deal” giants. Once our Localvore model is proved we are going to build a locally-owned and independent network around the country, and close the economic leak for communities in other states. It is our belief that what we are doing keeps supports local food and local job growth. If we can do that for local-centric hubs all over the country, then we’ll consider our job well done.

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