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I like to do whatever makes me happy, regardless of how other people act, or if they even care. I have no qualms with being myself or causing a scene somewhere because i think it will be funny. i like making people laugh because it makes me feel good, and ill humiliate myself to cheer up a friend. i care about things more than i should and i don't know if thats good or bad. i'm just trying to get through life without fucking up to bad. i am a huge movie buff and love to quote movies as often as i can :P i also love to sing. i dabble at guitar but am no prodigy or anything even close. just enough to sing along to mostly. i try and write songs and poetry,its one of the ways i can express myself but i have no idea if its good. i like art. and i know thats a broad statement but its true so i could care less. i make my own art of some sort, its kinda dark in a tim burton style but thats how i like it. I'm also extremely forgetful and rather lazy :P but its ok. i'm surprised that i've sat here and written this much but oh well.